Emma Green Bowen Therapy






The Bowen Technique is a gentle therapy which treats the body as a whole. Bowen encourages the body to heal itself, without force, by allowing the body to make changes which will bring the body back into balance. Treatment involves the practitioner using their fingers and thumbs to make gentle rolling moves over soft tissue at specific points of the body. Between sets of moves there are breaks of a few minutes to allow the body to respond to the information it has received.  


How can Bowen help me? A Bowen practitioner will always treat the person as a whole, addressing all areas of the body rather than focusing on a specific area or concern. Bowen can be of benefit to people of all ages (from babies to elderly, including through pregnancy) with a range of physical and emotional conditions. Bowen releases stress at a deep level by having a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system. Emotional stress can be helped with Bowen by encouraging relaxation.  


How many treatments will I need? This will vary according to the individual and reason for treatment. Often 3 treatments at 5- 10 day intervals are given initially, followed by more treatments as needed.


Do I need to undress? This is always your choice. Bowen treatment can be given through light clothing or given directly on the skin, with the client wearing underwear and then covered with towels.  


How long is a session? Treatment usually lasts about 45 minutes to 1 hour, although this can vary. The first appointment will be slightly longer as it will include a consultation. After care advice will be given during the treatment.


Prices: Adults: £45 for first appointment & consultation. £40 for follow-ups.

Children: babies £5. Age 1 - 5 years £10. Age 6 - 16 years £15.


Please note that Bowen Therapy is NOT intended as a substitute

for medical advice or treatments recommended by your doctor. Always

consult your doctor about any health concerns you have.