Emma Green Bowen Therapy





The Bowen Technique for horses uses the same technique as when treating people. Bowen is a gentle therapy which treats the body as a whole. Bowen encourages the body to heal itself, without force, by allowing the body to make changes which will bring the body back into balance. Treatment involves the practitioner using their fingers and thumbs to make gentle rolling moves over soft tissue at specific points of the body. Between sets of moves there are breaks of a few minutes to allow the body to respond to the information it has received.


How can Bowen help my horse? Bowen can help horses on a physical and emotional level. Bowen treatment can stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and digestive systems as well as releasing muscle spasm and inducing relaxation. Situations where horses respond well to Bowen include: irregular action, unleveleness, stiffness, muscle atrophy, poor performance, injury recovery, change of behaviour or temperament.


How many treatments will be needed? This will vary according to the individual, but often three treatments at weekly intervals are enough, and then owners may choose for their horse to have regular maintenance treatments. Sometimes it is advisable for horse and rider to both be treated, so that both can be in balance and work to their potential.


How long is a session? Treatment usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. There will also be a detailed assessment to study the horse and take a full history, so allow up to 2 hours, especially for the first appointment.  


Prices: £40 per horse.

A travel fee may be added depending on location.


Please note Veterinary permission is ALWAYS gained before giving treatment.

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