Emma Green Bowen Therapy





The Bowen Technique originates from Tom Bowen, who lived in Australia from 1916 - 1982. Tom Bowen worked as a carpenter and ran a Salvation Army Boy's Club. Tom began treating people at night after work, before eventually giving up work as a carpenter to treat full time.


Tom Bowen didn't come from a therapeutic background- everything he learnt was self taught. It is reported that Tom Bowen was able to see what was wrong with someone by looking at them, and needed to only make a few moves before being able to see changes occuring. People would usually leave the clinic feeling the same as when they went in, but Tom Bowen knew that the process had been started and the body would improve over the week.


Tom Bowen also ran a clinic offering free treatment for disabled people, made home visits to those not able to get to the clinic, and treated prisoners in the local prison.


Over the years Tom Bowen had many people watch and work with him. After his death Ossie Rentsch began teaching an interpretation of his work, which has led to knowledge of his work becoming widespread throughout the world.


Tom Bowen was a talented man who found a way to help encourage the body to heal, which can now have an impact in the field of modern medicine. Nowadays there are various schools of training for Bowen Therapy throughout the world. More research is being carried out in recent years to develop our understanding of the anatomy and physiology of our bodies and how Bowen Therapy works.


Work such as human dissections exploring fascia, and Bowen gaining recognition within the NHS through the hard work of the Northern Intergrative Health Practice are examples of how Bowen Therapy is developing today.